May 9, 2010
The Demise of Datebooks

It’s hard to remember, surveying my dull Google version (“parents in town,” “book club”), that a Filofax was also a place for plot arcs, self-invention and self-regulation. It was, in every sense, a diary — a forward-running record, unlike backward-running blogs. The quality of the paper stock, the slot for the pen, the blank but substantial cover, the hints of grand possibilities that came with the inserts — all of these inspired not just introspection but also the joining of history: the mapping of an individual life onto the grand old Gregorian-calendar template.

I too was a Filofax/Daytimer adherent for well over a decade.  As much as I love and depend on Google calendar these days for scheduling, I kind of miss all those different inserts you can buy for paper-based day planners…